We are a family unit of three – husband, wife and a little 4-year old girl who runs the show.


I am a full-time information security professional working primarily in the financial services sector. In my limited spare time, I enjoy freshwater fish and snail keeping.  I love a long walk, a good glass of wine and visiting new countries.

My brain is always coming up with a new idea and I have had my fair share of ‘attempts’ at doing something different. I currently run a number of personal websites (including


I work in human resources management and I have taken parental leave to be a full-time mother of a 4-year old girl.  She makes or breaks my day, every day – she is a force to be reckoned with!

I enjoy a quiet relaxing space (in silence please), a good TV show and an even better cup of tea or coffee.


The 4-year old Boss told me to write that she needs more dinosaurs (go figure!) and a toy duck for her bath time.